Using HTML tags in text

Please set the AllowHtmlTags property of text component to true. Then you can use some HTML tags in the text expression. List of supported HTML tags can be checked below:

<b> </b>
<i> </i>
<u> </u>
<s> </s>
<sub> </sub>
<sup> </sup>
<font color="#rrggbb" face="FontName" size="1..n"> </font>
<font-face="FontName"> </font-face>
<font-name="FontName"> </font-name>
<font-family="FontName"> </font-family>
<font-size="1..n"> </font-size>
<font-color="#rrggbb"> </font-color>
<color="#rrggbb"> </color>
<background-color="#rrggbb"> </background-color>
<letter-spacing="0"> </letter-spacing>
<word-spacing="0"> </word-spacing>
<line-height="1"> </line-height>
<text-align="left"> </text-align> //center, right, justify
<br> <br/>
&amp; &lt; &gt; &quot; &nbsp;
<strong> </strong> //equal to <b>
<p> </p>
<em> </em> //equal to <i>

Also as a way you could open the HTML text, that you want to add to a report, in the Word and save it in the rtf file.
Than you could use this file in the Rich text component of the report.

If you want to export your rendered report to HTML, you could set next static option

StiOptions.Export.Html.ReplaceSpecialCharacters = false;

Please check the sample report.


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    Thanks Team to share the useful info........

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    Eugen Walcher

    Is it possible to change the css style of each of these HTML tags?  I need to adjust the CSS of the <sup> tag using style="...;" but can't get it to apply in the designer.

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